Juniper Hills Farm Blend Mist Spray

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Blended in house with our special Juniper Hills Farm formula. Use on yourself as a refreshing mist and light fragrance or as a room or linen spray. Same wonderful blend of Clary Sage, Fir, Pink Grapefruit and Lavender Essential Oils in purified water and a touch of vodka to keep the oil free in the water. Enjoy this calming, relaxing scent. For people with chemical sensitivities for artificial fragrance, this is the answer!  8 ounces


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Weight .625 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 6 in

1 review for Juniper Hills Farm Blend Mist Spray

  1. Deb Akers-Hurley (verified owner)

    This room/body mist smells so heavenly and is good for headache sufferers; gives the “I feel pretty and happy” sensation.

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