Meet Sibby


Howdy and welcome to my corner of the Texas Hill Country!

My center of attention is all about savoring the present moment which often focuses sharply in on food, wine, the natural world and the many wonders of this world we live in. Come and roam with me.

Sibby cooking

Sibby is a born and raised true 5th generation Texan, spending many years in Dallas and some of her childhood growing up in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Her interest in food and cooking sprung from some of these early childhood experiences in Mexico. The mercados, the street vendors, the colors, the smells, all left a strong impression.

After studying Journalism in college, Sibby managed a successful floral company in Dallas from 1975-1986. Sunshine Floral Company specialized in high volume cut flower sales, weddings and special events. After developing a reputation for quality and creativity in the floral industry, Sibby began Dallas Affaires. Started as a one-stop party planning company, Dallas Affaires offered catering, cakes, flowers and event planning. After a few years of rapid and strong growth in the bakery arm of the business, she changed their name to Dallas Affaires Cake Company and focused their energies on baked specialties. In 1993 Sibby opened Café Georgia, next door to the bakery. What began as a neighborhood coffee bar quickly evolved into breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week. Café Georgia became a popular dining spot in the quaint Lakewood section of Dallas. The bakery’s popularity grew and additional space was needed to expand. After several very busy and hectic years Sibby decided to close the restaurant and expand the bakery. The bakery is known for its ingenuity and captivating designs. Cakes for high profile clients from the Mayor to Oprah to local sports heros and musicians, have kept this bakery at the top of everyone’s list as “The” place to get their custom cakes made. Even with the high volume production this bakery produces each year, approximately 400 wedding cakes and 8,000 specialty cakes, quality and detail to each item remains top notch.

Sibby and baby donkey

Sibby brought her culinary passions to the Texas Hill Country 2001, and in 2005 Onion Creek Kitchens at Juniper Hills Farm was born.

Here she began facilitating yoga retreats and a full curriculum of cooking classes, as well as hosting their guest house rentals for those visiting the Hill Country and managing the event venue for special celebrations. Her love of nature and this special spot in Texas is reflected in the rejuvenation of 54 acres of rolling rock ledges of overgrown cedar. The land is now lush and full of native grasses and wildflowers and crowded with songbirds, foxes, rabbits and deer. She xeriscaped the grounds with abundant native plants and eccentric and unpredictable garden art. Her retired greyhounds and the herd of minature donkeys, all with foodie names, amused many a guest.

After sixteen very full and busy years facilitating and hosting thousands of classes, events and lodgers, Sibby is now concentrating on teaching both private and public classes in homes, airbnb’s, vrbo’s and area businesses.  She is spending more time traveling and experiencing the Texas Hill Country and beyond.  She and Shelley, her partner of 30+ years,  have just built their new home and kitchen in the Blanco, Texas area. She would love for you to follow along on her new adventures and share new cooking and life journeys. Keep in touch and let her know what you are cooking up!

Savor Your Life