We’ve Got Soap!


Onion Creek Kitchens Hand and     Body Soap


I’ve been shipping soaps, body butter, cleaner and pup wash to some of our regular customers who are already in love with our  house made products. We use them here in the Kitchen and in our guest rooms. For Hand Soaps, we have two custom blends to choose from and they are made with an all natural, additive free gel soap base and high quality essential oils–also  artificial fragrance, parfum and perfume free!   With all of this hand washing and sanitizing, my hands are beat up and smell like bleach!  Our Juniper Hills Farm Blend Body Butter is just the ticket for hand repair– also made in house with shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil and the same good quality essential oils that are in our JHF Soap blend.  And don’t forget the pups–our PAWS Pup Wash is gentle, safe and smells great!  All proceeds go directly to PAWS Shelter of Central Texas and they can sure use our help right now. Shoot me an email: info@juniperhillsfarm.com or go to the product links:





Soap Blends: $14  for 8 ounce pump bottle  Body Butter: $14. 4 ounce jar  Cleaner $18. 32 ounce sprayer  Pup Wash $14 8 ounce pump   

Onion Creek Kitchens Blend-Sweet Orange, Lemongrass and Spearmint

Juniper Hills Farm Blend-Clary Sage, Fir, Pink Grapefruit and Lavender