Herb Infused Olive Oil


Bread and Oil       


As promised to go with the fresh baked bread some of us are trying to bake each day for comfort and sharing….this oil is crazy good on all kinds of things.  Even the stems of leftover herbs give this oil tons of flavor. 

When you have bits and pieces of fresh herbs left over that you don’t want to use, this is a great way to “store” them for later use.  This oil is fantastic as a bread dip, drizzled on fish or meats right off the grill or great to toss potatoes or vegetables in for roasting.  Store it in the refrigerator to keep it for several weeks. 

Herb Infused Oil

1 cup fresh mixed herbs of choice, washed and dried, larger stems removed

1 cup good quality extra virgin olive oil

Puree herbs with olive oil.  Let stand for 1 hour then strain well, pressing on solids. Discard solids and then funnel into jars or bottle of choice. Store in refrigerator and use for sautéing or roasting; in salad dressings or as a finishing oil on grilled or pan cooked fish, meats and vegetables.

Variations: Add crushed black peppercorns, crushed garlic cloves, jalepeños, lemongrass stalks, lemon rinds or orange rinds.

Processing herbs for infused oil   

And here’s another great way to use that oil: Drizzle on steamed vegetables and you’re done! Thanks to some good Austin friends for the fat asparagus drop off to our back door.  You are loved.