Yoga Workshop with Darla Buckner 01-12-2020


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Sunday, January 12, 2020
10 am- 3 pm  $75
Yoga Workshop with Darla Buckner
Darla will help us bring in the New Year with the right state of mind!  Get centered, get focused, and feel strong! Join us for rejuvenating day of yoga, quiet hill country views and good food.  We will, as always, serve a light lunch midway through the day, followed by a short walking meditation, weather permitting.  Also included from 3 pm-4 pm “Wine Down” appetizers and wine after our practice.  
Wear comfortable, loose clothing in layers.  Please bring what you have, yoga mat, blocks, straps, blankets.  We will have these on hand if you do not have them. For more information about Darla:
Out of respect for everyone in class, we kindly ask our Yoga Students to come “a la natural” in the fragrance department! Please don’t use lotions, perfumes, sprays or hair products that contain “perfume” “parfum” or “fragrance” prior to class.  Even if you think it’s a “natural” product, read the label, if it uses one of those words, it is not natural. Essential Oils in small quantities are fine. We will all breathe better!