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Frequently asked questions answered!


Making Reservations: You can submit a date/room request online or just email or give us a call. If you make the request online it automatically puts a temporary block on the room(s) you are requesting for 24 hours, so it’s a good idea if you want to snag an open room for a date you really want! Then CALL us or email to follow up and confirm with credit card payment. If we don’t hear from you in 24 hours we will shoot you an email and ask if you still want the room. SO do follow up if you really want to confirm a reservation!
Check In: We offer stress free self check in. Your room will be ready at check in time (3:00pm). Your key will be in your door. Your porch lights and an indoor lamp will be on to welcome you in if you end up getting in late. No need to rush, your room will be waiting.

Check Out: No need to check with us, just leave your key in the door or on a counter and drive away smiling and waving! Check out is at Noon.

My Stay: What’s to eat? Your room will have milk, juice, cream, bottled water, coffee, tea, sweeteners, granola and fresh fruit. You have dishes and a fridge, so feel free to bring what you like. No cooking in the rooms, but there is a microwave. We do have a full Kitchen at the Pool Pavilion. Gas Grill, 2-Burners, Sink, Ice Maker, Fridge and Dishes. It’s there for you to use, so use it!

We will deliver a box of baked goods to your door between 8-9 am. No knocking or disturbing, we’ll just leave it, all hot a warm, waiting for you. If you need to leave early on Check Out, let us know and we will be happy to bring it to your earlier. Please leave your lunch box outside your door by 2 pm with any notes about what you might need.

We do have an In Room Tapas Menu that you can order from and it has some quite filling items on it. We will need you to order one day in advance. We will send this menu to you one week in advance with your Check In Information.

Where can I eat in the surrounding area? We have a list printed in your room in the guest book. It’s also online on our Local Dining page.

What shall I do on my trip to your area? We have information on: Wineries, Scenic Drives, Farmer’s Markets, Shopping and The Great Outdoors in our guest book and on our Hill Country Trip Tips page on our website.

Do you have a Pool? Yes we do!

Do you have a Sauna? Yes we do!

Can we make a fire? We have a Fire Pit at the Cabins area. It can be used only if there is no burn ban on–it is considered an open pit fire so please, check with us first. We always have wood by the pit and we try to keep kindling under the Cabin Stairs (to keep it dry for you). There is a cover over the Fire Pit. Remove it; set it way off to the side (so over-served folks don’t trip on it in the dark!) REPLACE IT BEFORE YOU RETIRE.

We also have a Fireplace at the Pool Pavilion. Again, firewood is there for you to use. You may use the Fireplace at the Pool anytime, as it is considered a contained fire.

Where can we hang out on the property? We have lots of “sittin” spots. Outside of each cabin, you find 2-4 Adirondack chairs. In the center of the courtyard of the Cabin area is a table and chairs. By the Bocce Ball Court lighted Arbor, there are chairs; by the Fire Pit there are chairs. In the Pool Pavilion there is a dining room table and chairs. Pool Side, you will find lounge chairs (cushions are in the Bath House). Just outside the Donkey Corral there are chairs. Up top of the Lavender Field there are the Blue Chairs. Just outside The Barn and The Kitchen there are chairs and picnic table. On one of the high ledges, just below the Blue Lavender Field Chairs there is a sitting bench. Hike around on 54 acres. Find them all. Sit a spell. Relax.

Bocce Ball?? Yep, it’s a regulation court. The rules are printed out there but, heck, just compete throwing those balls down to the other end or ask Sibby to show you how to play!

Can we feed the Donkeys? Yes, but ask us for a sack of “Approved Donkey Snacks”. We know they probably like donuts, but they shouldn’t have them! Please be careful feeding them, watch your fingers, they think they are stubby pretzels. Please don’t go in the corral with the donkeys.

Do the Cabins have a telephone? Yes. We turn the ringers off so that you won’t get any weird calls that are probably not for you. Cell phone service can be spotty all over the property.

Is there Wi-Fi at the Cabins? No, we are in an inaccessible spot to get a signal. We do have Wi-Fi in The Kitchen/Office Building and on the front porch of The Kitchen. Just ask for the password.

Do you have TV? Yes, satellite, many, many channels.

Can I bring kids? Yes, but we don’t have pull out beds or air mattresses. Let us know how many you have in the room please and watch them carefully by the pool and donkeys. Make them wear good shoes.

Can I bring my dog? Yes, but let us know. We do charge for it and we do have a policy of charging you if your dog does damage. Ask for a copy of our Pet Policy. Please don’t take your dog into the Pool Pavilion.