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Sitting out under the stars and smelling the smoke of a big fire and watching the sparks fly! It’s all a part of enjoying your time at Juniper Hills Farm!

Our outdoor fireplaces are stocked with firewood and ready for you to use.

There is a fire pit located a few yards from the cabin patios. Feel free to pull up a chair, sit back and relax and enjoy a Hill Country evening!

The fire pit is topped with a custom made metal cover. Just lift it off and set it off to the side, leaning against a tree–someplace you won’t trip on it in the dark! When you are ready to go in for the evening, cover up your fire with the cover…. no need to worry about walking away from a fire. We always keep a log pile by the fire pit for you to use to get it started! Also to help, look for the feed bin under the staircase of the two story Cabin and you will find some nice kindling materials–dried rosemary and lavender trimmings–they work great for getting things going and they don’t smell to bad either! The fireplace is located in the Pool Pavilion and is also stocked with fire-starting materials. Don’t forget, we have S’Mores fixin’s and roaster sticks!

Always ask before burning at the fireplace or fire pit by the cabins in case we are under burn ban restrictions. The fire department takes these bans very seriously, as you could be endangering our property or that of our neighbors.